Skittles and COVID-19

It is with regret we announce ALL our skittles competitions are suspended or postponed or cancelled until further notice. This is because of the rapid spread of the coronavirus.
This will be a great disappointment to many of you, and a serious blow to the CACSSA clubhouse staff and CACSSA committees. This decision was not taken lightly but we had no choice. We have a duty of care to you all, players, stickers, bar staff and their families and friends. We did not want to place any pressure on captains and players to make up their team when some, feeling quite well, knew they should be self-isolating or are vulnerable themselves.

The Winter League was very nearly completed. There were two games outstanding and the points have been shared equally between the teams concerned. This had little effect on the final table.

At this time we cannot tell when it will be safe for teams to resume playing skittles. For the time being we’ll regard the President’s Shield games and Player of the Year to be postponed, hoping to be able to play them before the next Winter league. It appears unlikely we shall be able to play a meaningful Summer League this year.