President’s Shield 2018

2018 President’s Shield

Congratulations to Newcomers

Phil Lewis of Newcomers receives the President’s Shield from Alan Brown, chairman of CACSSA

Bowling Stones 487

A-Bombs 495
Monday 26 February TRR
A-Bombs 490

Odds and Ends 467
Wednesday 7 March TRL
Wednesday 21 March 2018

A-Bombs 503


Newcomers 508
Wednesday 21 March 2018 TRR
TRL : Wooden Spoon contest for the bottom-placed
teams of the Winter League: Little John 320

S O S 333

(9 players a side, 6 hands each) TRL
Little John 449

Odds and Ends 494
Wednesday 28 February TRR
Muffin Men 466

S O S 454
Monday 26 February TRL
Muffin Men 499

Newcomers 507
Wednesday 7 March TRR
Newcomers 444

Hangovers 431
Wednesday 28 February TRL

Gerry Chivers of A-Bombs receives the Runners-up trophy from Alan Brown

Mike Meredith of Newcomers receives the trophy for High Score Gent

Ann Locke was unavailable to receive the trophy for High Score Lady

The scoreboard

2018 Winning Team : Newcomers

High Score Lady: 63 Ann Locke

High Score Gent: 68 Mike Meredith

High Score Team: 508 Newcomers

All the teams in the Winter League are entered in the draw
which took place in the evening of 17 January 2018
in the Geoff Hardy Room at the Clubhouse in Tewkesbury Road