A new knockout competition for pairs of players


due to low number of entries.  We will try again, perhaps in the autumn.

Depending on the number of entrants and when they can play this competition will take place on some or all of the nights:  Monday 1 AprilTuesday 2 April and Thursday 4 April   (NB the President’s Shield semi finals will be taking place on Wednesday 3 April)

All players will be assigned a handicap depending upon their averages scored in the preceding league season.  The handicap will be added to their scores.  The winners are those who, on the night, play better than their average, so none need feel disadvantaged.

As these notes are being written we have no idea how many entries this competition will attract.  If there is a large entry we will need to play on more than one night, possibly all three.  Entrants should be prepared to be available to play on two or all nights.  Nobody will be required to play on more than two nights.  Your entry is more likely to be accepted if  you say you can play on more than one night!  And you must be able to play on the last night  we select!


The entries so far:

Player 1Player 2TeamMonday
1 April
2 April
4 April
Ann LockeDenis LockeA-BombsYesYesYes
Jan KirchhoffSteve KirchhoffHangoversYesYesYes
Mike JonesRachel JonesMuffin Men / Little JohnYesYes
John FurleyLyn FurleyOdds and EndsYes